Pictures of Family, Friends, and Travels…

Celebrating Life!
Celebrating Life!
Life is Good!

Life is Good!

Alaska Fishing Trip!

Alaska Fishing Trip!

Christmas Time!

Life is good when you have family, friends, and memories to last a lifetime!

Don and Dick

Brother Dick and Don

Tennesse Vols Football!

Tennesse Vols Football!

Don and Harry

Harry and Don

Jaimaca Wedding

Jaimaca Wedding



Golf in Vegas

Golf in Vegas

Golf is one of my favorite things to do and I will always remember the great times I have had  with everyone! Heres to learning to play golf one handed! ” Big Daddy” stills got game!

Don, Alyson, Ryan
Don, Alyson, Ryan
Pool Shark!

Pool Shark!

Don in Alaska Fishing!

Don in Alaska Fishing!Boating with the fam!

Hanging in Vegas!

Hanging in Vegas!


Don and Diann at the lake house


The FAM!


35 Responses to “Pictures of Family, Friends, and Travels…”

  1. Sue Says:

    Stef….GREAT website, full of all kinds of interesting and hopeful info. Thanks for letting us keep track of you…wish I’d been able to keep track of you and Hov-ay when you two were out and about in years past. Hmmm. Actually, I was probably sleeping like a baby. Hope to see you and Diann both weekends of 18th in Atlanta, and here the 25th. You better show up or we’ll talk behind your back.
    Love you two! Sue

    • steffen5 Says:

      You never could even keep up with Hov-ay and me if you tried. Diann and I are looking forward to hanging with you both and creating tons of trouble. Make sure you have the refrigerator stocked for when we get there. Talk to you soon!
      Tell Hov-ay hi for me. Thanks for responding to the website. We love you and even the guy you hang with!


  2. Megan Says:

    Mr.Steffan, it’s your old pal Megan Packard! I just got this email from Angela. I am so glad she shared it with me. I got to hang out with her when I was in Las Vegas at the beginning of the summer! Angela and your family have always had a special place in my heart! You were like a second family to me! Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Megan

    • steffen5 Says:

      Hi Megan,

      So great hearing from you! I am vacationing with the family for the next couple of weeks at our lake house. Thank you for your support. I always felt you were like another daughter to me and I look forward to seeing you sometime soon. Tell your mome and Dad hello for me!


  3. H'eeee Says:

    Hey ‘Big Daddy’…..Angela did a great job on this site! I have been reading all the info and learned even more than from our discussions. I’ll be home the week before UCLA, so get ready!! It is going to be a great football season. Also, I bought some Jack for when you finally decide to visit the beach house….seems like you are never home anymore…lol! Start practicing that left handed golf…we’ll bang it around when you come down. I love you my brother from a different mother. ps….that picture with Steph and the gator is a classic. Riding up and down the strip with that on top of my Jeep was a riot….and beating the heck out of it through the sun roof…too funny!!!!

    • steffen5 Says:


      Hey man were on vacation at the lake house with the fam. Looking forward to Vols football season……. I knew you would enjoy the gator that you beat the hell out of down on the strip. Nothing like drawing attention to yourself…. Looking forward to seeing you and Steph soon! We really enjoyed the get toghther with the Millers and Alheids. Make that Gentleman Jack. Talk to you soon!

      Big Daddy

  4. Tom & Barb Says:

    Don you have always been a great friend and brother-in-law. You have been a real plus in my sister Diann’s life. You have always had such a positive outlook on life and you know how to have fun. Just a few things that come to mind; remember the trip that you and Diann, Barb and I took to St Louis to see some major league ball. We saw Willie Mays and Hammering Hank Aaron and your beloved Dodgers. We made a special run out to the airport to see the team’s airplane. Oh and don’t forget that the first night we stayed at a Holiday Inn in the ghetto in East St. Louis. This was during the time they were burning down the ghettos and the area we stayed in was like a war zone, buildings were just burned out shells after having recently burned down, there were bars on all the windows and doors on the stores and sirens blaring all night long. Needless to say we moved to a new motel the next day. Some of the games were in the afternoon and we sat in the peanut section way up high and it was so hot in the sun, the tickets were only a few dollars a seat, I don’t think any of the ball players were making million$ back then.
    Another trip we went on was to the Indianapolis 500 race and I would have never gone if you hadn’t invited us to go. We had such a great time even though we sat through hours of rain delay and they finally called the race and the same thing happened the next day. We never did get to see the race since we had to get back to work. We returned the next year to see a great Indy 500 and then went to Kentucky to Churchill Downs and took in some horse racing.
    I remember when you went to college in Cedar Falls, now UNI, and you wanted me to see if I could find you a job at John Deere(s) HA! I kept bugging personnel and told them not to get you a job in the foundry or mill room. I got a call that if you wanted to come to personnel they had a job in one of the safest departments at Deere. You accepted the job and were ready to go to work. You did not have prescription safety glasses but Wayne Black, head of the Safety Department said you could wear your street glasses until you got your safety glasses. Diann called me shortly after you went to work the first day and said that you were injured on the job and they had you lying on a desk in the office and wanted you to wait until the shift was over so they would not lose their safety record. A pallet stacked behind you, way over your head started to make a strange noise and you turned around to check it out and were struck in the face and you were lucky that you were not injured severely. She said that you would not be able to drive home since your glasses were destroyed so I took her over at mid-night to pick you and your car up. The safety record was kept in-tact, no wonder they had such a safe record, making you wait the rest of the shift, injured.
    Oh, how could I forget the time that Diann called me and said that she needed me to come and help her get you to the hospital because you had rolled your ’55 Chevy when you had to veer to miss hitting a deer (wink – wink) out on Blackhawk road near the Deere Engineering Center. You flagged down an old couple that happened by and took you to your apartment at the college. Enter me, Diann and I took you over to Allen hospital for treatment, luckily you were not seriously injured. I remember helping tow the ‘55 to Granma Clark’s yard and you had to dodge glass from the completely broken out front window. Note; You are coming to our house the first part of September, 09 and I have 3 of the chrome hub caps from that ‘55. I have to remember to give them to you.
    Speaking of going to the hospital, I can’t forget when you and Diann joined Barb and myself, ice skating, with Scott, Denise and Aaron. You went over to Blackhawk Sport Shop next to the Strand Theater in Waterloo to get some ice skates so you could skate with us. We made a campfire to sit around and then decided it was time to put on the ole skates. The kids were already skating and Don enters the ice. About 2 minutes later, I am still near the fire and I see you lying on the ice, and one of the kids skated to me and announced that you needed some help. I laughed and said, “Yeah” and continue to guess that you were teasing around with our kids. You were always such an athlete that I knew that you couldn’t really skate that bad. Well you kept moaning so I came to your rescue. Hey you were not kidding and could not move, you said that your knee was out of joint and to grab your skate and pull real hard and give it a twist. Wow you can take a lot of pain. I had my Vega and took a chance and drove it out on the ice and loaded you up and off we went to Allen hospital again. I remember waiting for a long time for the doctor to show up. I imagine he was happy to be called away from his New Year’s Eve party. Diann and I watched as the dr. pulled and twisted and started to apply the cast. You had broken your ankle. You were in such pain and each time he tried to position your foot at a right angle you trembled so, that I thought you were going to pass out. No pain pills or shots for pain until after the cast was put on. Wow, I could not understand why they took so long to figure out the great pain you were in. It was like watching the old cowboy movies when someone would have a tooth pulled without nova cane. Don’t ever call a dr. from a party, wait until the party is over next time. P S, the next day the new skates were returned as they were still new and you would not need them anytime in the future.
    Then there was the time you were showing the kids how to shoot a 12 gauge shotgun in Grandma Clark’s field and then someone called the law. They came into the field and I took videos as they told you that you could not shoot in the city limits or within 500 feet of any building. I thought you were going to spend some “Hard Time” in the slammer for that one.
    Remember when you called us to come over to your house in Cherry Wood, we lived on Angie Drive and I asked the kids if they wanted to drive over to your house to go snowmobiling. When I asked Aaron, he was about 4, if he wanted to drive over there, he said, “It beats walking.” We got there and Grandma Clark was there and had never been on a snowmobile and you said, “Hop on Ruth.” The way you two went and I figured you would be back in a short time. Well, we waited and waited and waited, we decided to go on a hunt and seek mission. You two were only about two blocks away deep in a ditch, you were showing off your turning skills as you approached a T intersection and rolled into the ditch. All was well and we got the snowmobile out of the ditch and mom thought that was a fun ride. You started up the machine and she jumped on behind you and away you went again. She was quite a sport. There was another time when you left some snowmobiles at our house for the winter. I think you were living in Ames, and you had your leg in a cast, different accident, and you were charging around our field driving the snomobile with your leg up and over the handlebar. You were jumping snow drifts as if nothing was wrong with your leg. What a nut!!
    I just got started with all the fun we have had and the good friendship with a special couple. I don’t know how long of a note we can put on here but I can always come back.
    I wish both you and Diann the best and know that something positive is going to happen to both of you. I think of you both all the time.

    • steffen5 Says:

      Tom and Barb,

      Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I have been known to get into a bit of trouble of the years. Ill never forget the time I threw Ruth off the back of the snow mobile into a mound of snow. I held my breath knowing that she could get up and be hurt or laugh about it. Thank goodness, she thought it was hilarious and wanted to go faster afterwords. Dont think you are getting off that easy Im going to be around a long time. You are a great brother to Diann and I appreciate everything that you have done for us over the years. We are looking forward to seeing you guys in 2 weeks! Diann and I love you both and will see you soon!


  5. tina Says:

    Don Leo!!!

    What’s happening pappa! Love the blog. When are you guys coming down again? miss you both already!


    • steffen5 Says:


      Your pushing it sister with the Leo part! Dont think I wont take you down one handed. One more Leo comment and “THE DON” will send a hitman. We are hoping to get to Vegas next spring. Tell Jeff we said hello and hug little man for us.

      “THE DON”

  6. dana and niels Says:

    Hi Angela, Mr. and Mrs. Steffan,

    Niels and I pray daily for you and your family. We wish you peace, strength, recovery and knowledge that God is with you even if it is hard to understand.

    Dana (Kallus) and Niels

    • steffen5 Says:

      Dana and Niels,

      Diann and I really enjoyed talking with you guys about flying and sharing with you the crazy experiences I have had with my bro flying his planes. I really appreciate your prayers and think that you two are special people. Power of prayer is huge. I still have the vision of you doing the worm across the dance floor. You were in flight! Talk to you soon.


  7. Alyson Vaughn Says:

    Hi Don and Diann!!
    I just saw your beautiful daughter in Las Vegas last weekend! I really miss being close to her. I love the website and I think that you guys are so amazing! Angela is truly blessed to have you both as her parents. I love you guys and Don I am praying for you daily. I know that God hears our prayers and that he answers them. I truly believe that. I hope that I’m in Vegas the next time you two are in town, because I’d love to see you both. Take care!
    Love you,

    • steffen5 Says:

      Hi Alyson,

      It is so nice to hear from you. I hope that you and your family are doing great! Youll have to send Diann and I pictures of the kids so we can keep up to speed with how they are doing. You are a great girl and I also think Angela is blessed to have you as a close girl friend. Thank you for your prayers, I too believe in miracles and know that God is listening to us everyday. I will have Angela give you a call the next time we are in Vegas so we can see you so we can all get into some sort of trouble together. Have a wonderful day and tell Ryan and the kids hello from us. We love you.


  8. Patty Says:

    Hi Uncle Don!
    Your website is incredible. Tell Angela she and her friends have done a great job! So good to see you that Sunday afternoon. It was too short, but glad for the time to visit with you. God has plans for you to figure out what works to beat and eliminate ALS. I believe you are doing the right things to get your body in balance and then who knows what He will teach you through this. I believe God teaches those who are open minded and willing to listen to Him. You are the guy God has chosen… your positive attitude is a testimony to God working in your life. We are not able to go to Stan’s funeral because Melissa has appts in Iowa City that day and we can’t get them changed to have both the same day and not until the end of October. We feel bad for Irene, but she understands that not everyone can make it. Mom was with her Monday all day, and they will go to funeral. It is probably too far for you to come, and I am sure Irene wouldn’t expect you to make the trip. We will go visit her when we can this fall. Would be nice if Irene could go with Linda when she visits you. Glad to get on your website today and know that we are praying for you!!!!
    Love, Patty

    • steffen5 Says:

      Hi Patty,

      I enjoyed visiting with you and Don at the restaraunt and I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. I do as well believe that something good will come out of this. I believe in the strength of God and that he will carry me through. Give my best to your family. We will be updating the website soon. Stay tuned.

      Uncle Don

  9. Randy Says:

    Hey Don it’s me your favorite nephew. I was just checking in with you and seeing how things are going. I also wanted to make sure that Angela got out of town and did not decide to bless you with her company and move back in with you guys. We are looking at putting some plans together and coming down to see you over Christmas. I have to work things out with Chris but the kids and I are going to make it work. I just wanted to check in and see what was new and say hi, I Love you and look forward to seeing you over the holidays.

    • steffen5 Says:

      Hey Randy,

      Diann and I would love to have the family together to celebrate the holidays and life! We look forward to seeing you and spending some time with you. I am always up for the constant entertainment between you and Angela. Get the rest of the family moving on their plans so we can make definite plans. See you soon. Thanks for checking in.

      Love ya buddy.

      Your favorite uncle better known as THE DON!

  10. Renae Says:

    Uncle Don,
    It was wonderful having the Steffen clan together again this summer. Your sky diving video was too cool and made me realize that is something I will never do!!! Apparently that is for those who don’t mind losing a couple lives in a matter of 3 minutes and with my luck my cheeks would stay smashed like yours looked in the video…not a good look for me! Our family keeps you in our daily prayers and you are being watched over by several special angels, including my mom! Stay strong and keep the faith, you will win this battle!

    All my love,

    • steffen5 Says:

      Hi Renae,

      Always a blast with the Steffen crew! We had so much fun at the lake house. Yes there are a few of us crazy people out there that dont mind taking life to the limit…. I am very blessed to have Colleen as one of my angels looking over me! I always enjoy spending time with you, Mark and the kids and look forward to seeing you soon! You are like another daughter to me and I am proud of you! I am impressed with how you balance two jobs and a family! I ll always keep fighting and plan on beating this!

      Love Uncle Don

  11. Cindy Haeck Says:

    Don & Diann:
    Just wanted to check in and let you know that during this Thanksgiving season…you remain in our positive thoughts and healing prayers. Noticed you’re heading to Duke for your birthday…BEST to you there. One of my former students, Amanda Watson (former Miss North Carolina) has been a long time advocate for ALS and has put out the prayer chain for you as well. Thanks for keeping your blog updated! Warmest wishes to all! Dave & Cindy Haeck

    • steffen5 Says:

      Hi Cindy and Dave,

      Yes, I really appreciate you putting me in touch with Amanda. I am looking forward to going to Duke to the ALS clinic in hopes to find a cure and learn more of what can be done to beat this. I have been in touch with Amanda and she has provided me with some great information. I believe in miracles and I believe that the connection you gave me with Amanda was part of the divine plan which is now leading me to Duke. Ill keep you up to date with the visit. Tell Dave hello! I appreciate all your prayers and positive thoughts.


  12. Mark Fering Says:

    Just wanted to say the pictures from the Alaskan fishing trip are unbelievable…you really cleaned them up!!! Man, what a great trip that must have been. MLF

  13. Barry Says:

    What an absolutely wonderful website, I am sorry I have not visited it earlier. The love and memories displayed of families and friends of all of the great times and joyous occasions are something we will always be able to share with each other.
    How does one define the term friend? It is simple, thy name is Don. Good times and bad, friends are always there and Don has always been there for Judy and I. We will always be your friend and join everyone else wishing you all of the best through these challenging times. Your positive approach is an inspiration and model for everyone, not just because of the current situation, but in everything you have done in life. Your family is the best and Lady Di, Frat mom, and Brian are terrific human beings. We, your friends and family, owe you so much for blessing us with being a part of our lives in ways that words can not do it justice. For that, we are truly thankful.

    Barry and Judy

    • steffen5 Says:

      Bear and Jude,

      What can I say! You guys are the best and Lady Di and I feel the same about you both as well. I am looking forward to sharing many more memories with you guys and having a blast at the Big Daddy tournament. As we always say family is everything and we got a lot to be thankful for. I really appreciate your friendship, taking me to lunch, and being so helpful through all of this. I am looking forward to hanging in your new bear cave when I get back from Vegas. Your like a brother to me. See you soon bro!


  14. John Carson Says:

    What a tournament and weekend of fun activities! You are blessed with a wonderful family and more friends than can be counted. Your friends are a testimony to the friend you have been over the years. You make a strong impression and leave ’em laughing. Seeing Brian and Angela is confirmation you succeeded at one of your most important tasks in life. They are wonderful young adults and this weekend that was evident to all of us. You live in a way I aspire to follow. I look forward to our next visit. John

    • steffen5 Says:


      Thanks for coming to share the weekend with me. It meant the world to me. I feel so blessed to have all of my friends there and my family including our Deere family. Your kind words and support are much appreciated. I hope you can make it back soon and spend some more time with us. I think about you and your family often. Many blessing to your family.


  15. bob hove Says:

    What a great time I had meeting some of your new friends, seeing many of our old friends, being with your family, swapping lies, drinking beer and eating great food. It was a hoot, as they say in the south. I’m looking forward to next years Big Daddy Tournament…so is Sue. Thanks Di for opening up your home…it was beautiful as were your gardens.
    I’m always thinking of you brother….rc

    • steffen5 Says:


      It was a blast cathing up with you. I really appreciate the fact that you traveled all the way from Montana to see me. It was so fun telling all our stories. They seem to get bigger and bigger every year. I am glad that you are enjoying your retirement. I look forward to seeing you and Sue next year at the Big Daddy Golf debut… if not before then…. Send Sue love from Di and I.

      love your bro….

  16. Gus Rodriguez Says:

    Hey Don and Diann,

    Ottis Johnson and I had a great time this week visiting you and Diann. You and Diann are great hosts. We enjoyed recounting memories of times past and counting the many blessings we have today. Plan to stay in touch. Mayble next time…will stay long enough to eat your tamales.


    • steffen5 Says:


      Had a great time with you and Ottis. It meant a lot to me to have you guys come and visit. I havent laughed that much in a long time. My cheecks literally hurt from that weekend. I look forward to communicating with you more frequently. Good luck with your housing business. Keep me posted on that. I hope you and your family are doing well. Next time tamales it will be.

      All my best… Don

  17. Jane Says:

    I love all the pictures on your blog.

  18. haeckconsulting Says:

    Checking in to see how the golf tournament went. Looks like pictures “coming soon!” Sure it was a great day and though we weren’t there to smack that round white ball that drives me crazy…we were there in spirit! Made a visit to Raleigh a couple weeks ago for Shannon’s birthday before she left for Ireland and both she and Matthew said to be sure to send their best to all. They were sharing some of the devastation of the recent tornadoes that touched down close to both of them…and we were talking about stormy weather at the Durham Bulls game one year with you guys. Best to all! The Haeck’s – Dave, Cindy, Shannon & Matthew

    • steffen5 Says:

      Hi Cindy,

      Nice to hear from you. The tournament was a huge success! I had so many wonderful people surrounding me all weekend. I appreciate the postive energy you send my way. Tell your kids I said hello. Glad to hear they are getting involved with helping others. Good karma comes back around. Come by next year for the tournament and smack that ball around with us. Ha! Best to you, Dave, and familly,


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