Dads six wishes for his crusade in finding a cure for ALS!!!

During dad’s “warrior like” battle with ALS we often sat down as a family and discussed different ways that we could help raise awareness and funds to find a cure for ALS. Dad was extremely proud that all of his friends and family rallied behind him to make the first of many “Don Steffen Golf tournaments” successful. He was also proud that we helped bring in the first ever “Knoxville ALS Walk” to raise awareness and funds for ALS.  However, as you know how dad’s mind worked, he stated in a very business like manner, “We need to do more.”  So with that said, dad decided that two more things that we needed to accomplish was to get an ALS support group here in Knoxville for ALS patients and caregivers as well as making sure to have a local ALS representative for the East Tennessee area.  In May of 2011 a ALS representative was hired for the Knoxville area. My mom went to the first ALS support group in October. Mom said she felt proud seeing recently diagnosed patients receive information from existing ALS patients and caregivers who have been fighting this disease. I am so glad that dad got to see that take place.

In true Steffen style we are going to continue my dads legacy.

1. Yearly have the “Don Steffen ALS Golf Tournment”

2. Participate in the Knoxville walk as the “A team for Don Steffen”

3. Raise awarness and funds to find a cure for ALS

4. Make sure that the ALS support group continues to help those in need that are a part of a club, in which they do not want to belong  to, and can not resign from, called ALS

5. Continue his blog for years to come to inspire and help others

6. That all of his family and friends continue his legacy to find a cure. I know we have the right people in place to accomplish this…

Thank you for being a crusader with us. I know dad is proud!!! Please mark your calendars for the next annual “Don Steffen Golf Tournament” on June 16th, 2012.

The Steffens


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