A continuation of Don Steffen’s Legacy…

Yet another great way to celebrate my dad’s legacy. On my dad’s birthday my girlfriend Julie met my mom and I for a coffee to toast to the one and only “Don” and celebrate his life. To my surprise Julie handed me an envelope that said “In honor of your dad on his birthday.” When I opened the envelope I saw a beautiful card that talked about the stars and how close that I am still with my dad while representing the thought that we could both be looking at the same stars. Inside the card was a check from my closest girlfriends to purchase a stone in honor of my dad at a beautiful local outdoor theater in Las Vegas. At the theater there is a memory walkway where you can write something on behalf of loved one. It’s a great place to grab a blanket, a bottle of wine, or perhaps a Jack and water (dad’s favorite) , and some food, and support the local artists while visiting another part of dad’s legacy.

After taking some time to think about what I wanted to write I chose a saying that I feel encapsulates my dad’s philosophy about life and how he lived each and every day to the fullest. My hope is that when people see my dad’s stone that they will reflect on their own lives and think about how they can live their lives to the fullest. The following is what my dad’s stone will read.

“Life is a blessing enjoy your journey!”

Don L. Steffen

In addition to the stone the remaining funds will be donate to the “Don Steffen Golf Tournament” that will be held on June 16, 2012 to raise awareness and find a cure for ALS.

Blessings to you and your loved ones. Hoping that you are living your lives to the fullest!





6 Responses to “A continuation of Don Steffen’s Legacy…”

  1. Kelly G. Says:

    Angela – thanks for keeping up with this blog and god bless you and your family. My father was very recently diagnosed with ALS at age 63 and it’s turned our life upside down. Somedays are better than others, as I’m sure you know. I found your blog in my initial searches online and found comfort and good information from both your Dad’s blogging and yours. I think its great that you are still fighting the fight. Best of luck to you and your family and thank you for all that you do. May we find a cure so very soon. Kelly

    • steffen5 Says:

      Hi Kelly,

      Thank you for your kind remarks. I understand completely how you feel. You have to remember to support your dad and give him your strength as he most likely is thinking about you and your family right now. I have learned many things during this journey batteling ALS with my dad and family. One of the most important things you can do is be strong and show tremendous support to one another. Get your dad to an ALS clinic NOW!!! Get him involved with any trials and start to research Eastern Medicine, etc. If you or any of your family members have any questions for myself, my mom, or our family please reach out to us as we are very familiar with what you are currently going through. My hope by continuing my dad’s blog and legacy is to help people like yourselves so you dont have to bob your head out of water like we did for a year and a half before getting onto the right path to fight this disease. Email me anytime. God bless you and your family! My prayers are with you all.


  2. steffen5 Says:

    I am so glad that this website is still helping others. We will continue to support this blog in our continued effort to be advocates for this disease. Diann

    • steffen5 Says:

      Hi mom,

      Yes, it’s great to know we are in some way shape or form helping others. We must stay on top of the latest and greatest news regarding ALS to help educate and raise awareness to find a cure for ALS. Please research what I sent to you and ask Dr. Bedlack his opinion on the article that you have on dad’s laptop.

      Love you,


  3. kegvb21@aol.com Says:

    Angela and Diann: thank you for your thoughtful replies. I live in Chicago and my Dad has already gotten enrolled in the Northwestern ALS clinic. He’s hoping to get into a clinical trial this spring. As I’ve read through Don’s “What I’m doing to beat this” section, I was wondering if you could offer any insight into what really helped Don the most during his battle. I know that every person and their reactions to the disease are different, but hearing from others first hand helps. He seemed to have a great spirit and positive attitude that really helped all of you get through such a hard battle. It’s so hard not to get down and depressed with such an awful thing happening to you or your loved one. I hope that Don did not suffer very long near the end and if you wouldn’t mind sending me your email address(s) I know that it might be nice to stay in touch (I can’t seem to find any contact info on here). Best, Kelly

    • steffen5 Says:

      Hi Kelly,

      That is great news to hear that your dad is already at an ALS clinic. I hope he is able to be a part of one of the trials there. We would be more than happy to go into detail regarding what best helped my dad. You can reach us at asteffen@pulte.com or diannsteffen@chartertn.net and we can chat further.

      All the best to you and your family,


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