As I didn’t get down to the tournament until the end for the Awards Ceremonies I personally did not take any pictures. I am posting them as I receive them from others. Enjoy!

Bob Greene

Mark Bodwell

Yes, we were watching you guys!

Ottis Johnson & Mark Sharitz

Mark Adamson & Gus Rodriguez

Gregg Breingmeyer & Jeff Gredvig

Don watched the Award Ceremony via Skype

Ottis Johnson & Neil Stricklin



  1. Brenda Hrivnak Says:

    It sounds like a fun and great event…congratulations on exceeding your goal! You and your family and friends have done much to raise awareness of ALS and have sent much needed monies to research and patient services, I thank you for your dedication and perseverence. Fantastic use of skype by the way!

    My husband and I rode in his electric sports car in the 4th of July Parade in Kingsport advertising the Sept. 17th Tri-Cities Walk to Defeat ALS. It was HOT, but thousands were at the parade and it was televised. Hopefully a few folks were made aware of the ALS Association and the Walk through the effort.

    Brenda Hrivnak

    • steffen5 Says:

      Hi Brenda,

      Thank you. We had a blast and I feel so blessed to have so many people rallying around me. We all have to do our part. Skype has come in quite handy to keep in touch with everyone! That is great to hear that you were able to raise awareness and have it televised. Sounds like a great turn out. That is fantastic news! We are in the beginning stages of talking about the walk as well. Heres to a great walk for everyone and to finding a cure!

      Best wishes,


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