Everyone is starting to arrive on Wednesday for the big tournament weekend!

I’m really looking forward to spending time with all of my family and my friends this week and up coming weekend for the golf tournament! The family starts to arrive on Wednesday! I am looking forward to catching up with everyone and having a very successful 2nd Annual Don Steffen Golf Tournament to raise funds and awareness for ALS! Please feel free to visit me at the house! Looking forward to seeing you all here!



2 Responses to “Everyone is starting to arrive on Wednesday for the big tournament weekend!”

  1. Dick Yahnke Says:

    Regret that I can’t be there to participate in the tournament, but will be thinking of you this week and especially during tournament weekend. You continue to set the grit and spirit example for all of us that know and love you. Supporting you and the ALS cause is a no brainer. Congratulations to you and Dianne on your anniversary!
    Best wishes for a great day and an outstanding tournament.
    Dick Yahnke

    • steffen5 Says:


      Can you believe Diann has made it through out all of these years with me. Ive always said she is a saint and now I know that is a true statement. Thanks for always checking in. Your words brighten my day buddy. Hope you and your family are doing well. Well see you next year at the tourney if not before. Talk to you soon,


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