Yes, our 45th…and we went together 4 years before we got married. I really pulled off two surprises for Diann for our anniversary with the help of Angela and Kecia. While Angela was here I sent her out to buy Diann some diamond earrings. (Some of you will remember that 3 months after I was diagnosed with ALS, our house was burglarized and every piece of jewelry that I had ever given Diann in 49 years was taken, along with mine.) Angela went to get the car washed and oil changed and picked up the earrings. She hid them under my sheet. After a while, I asked Diann to move my arm and when she pulled back the sheet she discovered the wrapped box with the earrings. She was really caught off guard….and of course loved them.

The second surprise was yesterday evening. When Kecia came over to listen to the demonstration on the DynaVox she placed a box of chocolates under Diann’s pillow. Yesterday evening Diann started to take down the bedspread and when she removed the pillow sham she saw the chocolate…another big surprise. She had no idea that I had talked to Kecia last Thursday to pull this off. Usually it has always been hard to surprise Diann as she always seemed to pick up on some clue that I was up to something. Ha!



  1. steffen5 Says:

    Love your mischevious ways Dad! Even though you cant move on your own you still got the moves!!

    Love you dad!


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