As I’ve mentioned before, my voice is getting weak and it’s getting hard for Diann and others to hear me easily or understand me. Diann contacted the ALS Association here in Tennessee and out of their loan closet we received a DynaVox. It is a computer that is on a stand that lines up with my eyes. It works on an eye gaze system. I stare at a certain command and it will open up whatever I want from the menu. There are set phrases that I can go to and once it picks up my eye it will speak them for me. We can also set up my own phrases in another area. If I want to spell a word, I go to the typewriter and start spelling. After a few letters it will pop up possible words, and if my word is there, all I have to do is gaze on it and it will speak that word. Jane from ALS Assoc., Alice from Ettac, Diann, and Kecia our Hospice volunteer were all here while I was introduced to this new communication device. Thanks to everyone for their help. I only used it for about two hours yesterday and then I got tired. Diann and I will practice some more today. After I get use to it and can navigate well, we are going to open the port for the internet so I can check my stocks, e-mail, and everything else. This is wonderful…technology has come so far!!



  1. Dick Yahnke Says:

    Success is “doin the best you can with what you got.” You always have and continue to do so!! You are a friend and an inspiration and I love ya, man!!

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