Be careful out there…..It’s Flu Season

Yes, you guessed it.  Some how the flu got me….whoa!  We had some equipment changed out on the 18th of February and the next evening on the 19th I started with the whole mess of stomach flu.   Diann definitely had her hands full.  I was hit hard and not feeling at all well.  The Hospice nurse and doctor were great.  Diann was on the phone with them several times.  Trenton, the nurse and Dr. Phelps came out to check on me.  They are great!  Diann and I have been blessed to have such good people to work with.  I have known Trenton from the beginning when we first started Hospice…He’s a smart guy with a good sense of humor! 

We had never met Dr. Phelps until I got sick. Dr. Phelps is very personable and I liked him alot.  I really appreciated his coming to the house to see me.   He brought a four year medical student by the name of  Lindsay with him.  After my exam we all started talking and I gave them this website to check out.  I also told them about the annual Don Steffen Golf Tournament that is coming up on the 4th of June and gave them that website.  Lindsay said her father-law was a golf pro at a golf course in Oak Ridge and she would see that they were aware of the tournament.  That’s wonderful!  Thanks Lindsay.


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