Super Bowl Sunday!!!

Super Bowl Sunday, February 6th, 2011

What great friends we have….Barry and Judy Miller and Salli and Bob Wagner came over to watch the Super Bowl with Diann and I.

These guys could have gone to any of the fun parties going on, but they chose to come watch it with us.  What can I say…I love these guys!

Here is the situation….Barry and Judy are huge Steelers fans, they grew up in PA and have cheered for the Steelers since they were kids.  Salli and Bob also are Steelers fans.  Through the years that we have been friends we would go to each others homes to watch the games and if it was with the Steelers, we would all cheer for them….until this Super Bowl, 2011!   I told you guys earlier that I had, before the 2011 football season ever began, put money on the Packers to win the Super Bowl….so,  I’ve got to cheer for the Packers.  Right!  There is money on the line.  $$$$

Well, Barry walks in wearing a yellow Steelers poncho which he immediately proceeds to take off and drape over me…yes he did!  You can imagine how this went….yes, he knew I had money on the Packers. 

Well, we all know how the game turned out and all I can say is, “We’re in the money!”  And our friends, being the great friends they are, all were happy that I won the pool for picking the Packers so many months ago. 


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