Sharitz Visit…

January 29 to 30th

Mark and Eileen Sharitz and of course, Arnie, their black Goldendoodle come over from Atlanta to spend the day.  Diann loves Arnie and was so excited that they brought him.  She misses having a dog.  Any way, we had a great visit and that evening Barry and Judy Miller came over.  Judy made some homemade Chicken Chili which everyone raved about.  All I know is it really smelled good. 

Judy and Eileen had me laughing so hard I about died, which I told them.  They were each massaging one of my hands and were seeing who could give the best hand massage.  The conversation was so funny and I started laughing, telling them that they needed to stop because I was about to die…..I mean literally…I was laughing so hard, I could hardly breath.  They stopped and I declared a tie.

Eileen had not planned on staying the night, but as the evening progressed they did.  Diann was thrilled as Arnie stayed and slept with her until about 7 AM.  What a great dog!  He is so laid back.  He would lay up on the bed and look at me, as if he knew what I was saying to him. 

We really enjoyed Mark and Eileen (and Arnie) coming over for a visit.  We always have fun with them. 



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