January flew by…

January flew by…………

After we recovered from the holidays we settled in to our normal routine until about the middle of the month. 

 January 19 to 23rd Tom and Barb Clark (Diann’s brother and wife) came to stay with us on their way from Iowa to their annual winter trip in Gulf Shores, AL.  Diann had her “To Do List” ready for Tom when he arrived.  She made sure everything was checked off before he left. Ha!  It’s a good thing Tom is so handy and Diann doesn’t have to hire someone to get things off her list that I am not able to do any more. 


We always enjoy our time with Tom and Barb and are always glad to hear that they are coming here for a visit.  It’s a long drive from Iowa and we really appreciate their visits! 

Barb is a real football fan and the four of us watched the play off games that Sunday and it came down to the Steelers vs. The Packers for the Super Bowl!  Oh, Ya Baby!!!  I had picked the Packers to win the Super Bowl prior to any of the season games in a Pool Tracker game that my home health care nurse’s (Tiffany) father was in charge of.  Of course I got in the pool, even though I already was in a Fantasy Football League….what can I say…I love football!!!  The Packers are going to win…I can just feel it! $$$$


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