Im blessed to have such great friends… The visits keep coming and I love them!

On February 8th, John Carson and Mark Bodwell made the trip here from Raleigh, NC to visit and stay the night.  We had a great time telling stories, etc.

We talked about stocks and they were interested in what thoughts I had on the stock market.  Diann laughed and told me not to “give away the house”.  Ha! 

Diann ran a few errands while they were here and she went over the suction machine with them in case I would need it.  Just as Diann was getting her coat on, Mark looked at her and said, “Now where do I put this?”  Leave it to Bodwell…what a great sense of humor!  It was great getting caught up with what was happening with them and their families.  Thanks for making the drive over guys.  I know it was a lot of driving for one afternoon and evening, but we really enjoyed having you here.


2 Responses to “Im blessed to have such great friends… The visits keep coming and I love them!”

  1. Renee Anderson Says:

    Don and Diann, you have made my day! That sense of humor tells me that ALS is getting its butt kicked! You are both AMAZING INSPIRATIONS!

    Much love to both of you and to all who visit your home.


    • steffen5 Says:


      Thank you for your support and kind remarks. We both appreciate it very much! Heres to many more walks to raise awareness and funds to fight this disease and find a cure. I am having the second annual Don Steffen Charity Golf Tournament on June 4th. We hope to see you there. Thank you for your prayers. All the best to you and your loved ones.


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