A Note from Diann……

Nov. 2, 2010 

I have actually e-mailed this to a few of you, but I have decided to post it on here so everyone will know.  First of all, thank you all so very much for your loving thoughts and prayers. We are certainly remaining positive and pray that Don’s lungs will plateau.  Unfortunately, we are living in the reality of this horrible disease.  Don’s lungs are down to 32%.  He is at the point that he cannot have anyone come in with a cold, etc. as his lungs will not be able to fight any infection.  Don’s Dr. at the Duke ALS Clinic told us that, if he doesn’t develop pneumonia, he is likely going to start getting more and drowsier as he retains carbon dioxide.  One day, probably within the next 3 months he will most likely pass away comfortably in his sleep.  Dr. Bedlack also said that he certainly has seen patients beat these odds though and survive much longer than he had expected. We are all praying that Don does beat these odds!!! 

Don can only move a little and his voice is getting weaker with the lack of oxygen.  I feed him through the Peg Tube.  His mind is as clear as ever and he basically is in good humor.  We have lots of friends contacting him by phone and several who have traveled from all over the US to visit with him.  He is definitely a blessed man in the fact that he has so many friends and they all tell him (now while he can hear it) how much he means to them and how grateful they are for all the help and friendship he has given them.  I have seen several of these guys kiss Don on the head and tell him they love him. I think that in it self is wonderful.  Most of us die and never hear this.

One of Don’s wishes is for all of us to continue to support funding for this disease to find a cure.


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