I love it when a plan comes together!

I love it when a plan comes together!

And what a plan it was!  Our goal for the first ever ALS Walk in Knoxville, TN was set for $20,000….and then we beat our own goal and raised $26,205.  The ALS Association had set their goal for the walk at $30,000…and we almost made it for them.  Ha!  The A-Team for Don Steffen received the award for “#1 Top Fundraising Team” for this walk.   Our daughter Angela also received the award for “#1 Top Fundraiser” out of all the teams that participated.

Raising over $26,000 was no small accomplishment and I commend and thank each and everyone of you for rising to this challenge by generously giving to this much needed cause.  The overall walk did not make the $30,000 goal ALS had set, but exceeded it by raising $102,375.  This money will be used to support all people living with Lou Gehrig’s Disease and in research in their relentless search for a cure.

Gus Rodriguez and Ottis Johnson spearheaded the charge to raise $20,000 for this walk.  They organized a plan and recruited field captains throughout the U.S.  These field captains proceeded to make phone calls and send e-mails to accomplish our mission.  A special thanks to Gus, Ottis, Felix Baker, John Carson, Tom Crotty, Bob Hove, Rick John, Mike Lusson, Dale Paschke, Beth Ray, Mark Sharitz, Angela Steffen, and Rich Wellner.

I am truly blessed in having so many good friends and a loving family to help me accomplish this goal and beyond.  I am also blessed to be here to witness the love and support from all of you.  The one thing that I can do is be an advocate for ALS and with your help I am accomplishing it one dollar at a time.

One of my wishes is that all of you continue to raise money for ALS so that some day in the not to distant future their will be a cure for this devastating disease!

Thank you,   Don


2 Responses to “I love it when a plan comes together!”

  1. John Carson Says:


    Thanks for a beautiful and inspiring message. It was an honor to participate in this worthy goal. Gus and Ottis were great leaders, but your vision was the real driver for me. Your goal to find and ALS cure is one we all pray will be reached soon. John

    • steffen5 Says:


      I really appreciate your support and committment in helping to spear head this walk and get all of the donations in from all of the John Deere crew. I also want to thank you for locating the van that we call “ol blue or aka cheech and chong mobile.” It has been a life saver and has allowed me the freedom to go out and enjoy life. Your an inpsiration from the first day that I met you. I was so impressed with your total committment to Emily and your family. You have a big heart and it shows that if you are postive you can overcome any obstacles. It is a pleasure to call you my friend.


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