Wow! With 3 more days to go….

We have raised $22,975 with 3 days remaining before the walk on the 16th! I am so thankful to have so many wonderful people in my life that get the bigger picture of life and are willing to go above and beyond for a good cause. What a great opportunity to help be a part of something huge that will change peoples lives forever.

Life is Energy. Energy is Life. You must not stand still. Get involved, educate yourself and others and take steps for a better way in medicine…… Heres to finding a cure for ALS!



3 Responses to “Wow! With 3 more days to go….”

  1. steffen5 Says:

    Im on my way!!! Looking forward to seeing you and mom! I love you!

  2. Krysti Says:

    Congrats on EXCEEDING the goal! Everyone has done such a great job rallying for Don & the ALS cause. Have a great walk this weekend…we’ll be with you in spirit! Much love & we are so amazed by the power of the Golf-father.

    Krysti & Brian

    • steffen5 Says:

      Krysti and Brian,

      Thank you! We are looking forward to the walk. We all wish you guys could be here but we know you are here in heart and spirit! I love you guys and will see you both soon.

      The Don

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