Were on our way! Lets Rally everyone!!!

We are at $18,665 on our goal of $20,000 with 8 more days to go before the walk. Please pass this information along to anyone you can think of that would be willing to help in our effort to raise awareness and donations to find a cure for ALS. Please click on the link below if you would like to donate your self to a great cause. We will be walking as the “A team for Don Steffen” and will be wearing green shirts. Walk with us or stop by to say hello at Ashe Park on October 16th at 10 am. Thank you to all from the bottom of my heart who have already donated! Heres to finding a cure.


Love to all,



3 Responses to “Were on our way! Lets Rally everyone!!!”

  1. steffen5 Says:

    Looking forward to walking next to the one and only “The Don”… Love you dad with all of my heart…


  2. Brenda Hrivnak Says:

    Thank you for your kind response to my post. I certainly will look for the green shirted team and introduce myself next Saturday. It’s been an honor for me to know so many PALS and their families in the past 7 years.

    I can NOT believe it…you are definitely going to reach your goal…you’re just a hair away now. Nashville and Memphis better get busy, it’s beginning to look like Knoxville might beat them in funds raised. At least in Kingsport, many more walkers, teams and money show up at the walk. It’s such a fun and exciting day. I hope the weather will be like it is today.

    • steffen5 Says:

      Hi Brenda,

      Wonderful we all look forward to meeting you! I am very happy that we are so close to our goal! See you on the 16th!


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