September memories!

September Memories!
Saturday Barry and Judy came over to watch the UT vs Florida game.  Sunday we all got together to again at our house (you know, NFL games all day long!) and Harry and Stephanie Alheid joined us.  Barry grilled ribs and Judy and Stephanie brought the rest of the meal.   How good it was…good food and good friends…you can’t beat it.  Harry had given a bench in honor of Don that sits on the number 2 tee box that is directly behind our house.  He put a fresh coat of stain on it, repainted the black rod iron and it really looks good!  Thanks Harry!  The six of us had a great evening, which you might tell from this picture…Great memories!!!!
Judy and I decided that it was time for Don to get a haircut….so, “Judy Scissor Hands” came over Monday and gave him a great haircut.  Thanks, Judy…you are the greatest! 
John Carson, Tom Crotty, and Randy Curtis made the trip here from Raleigh, NC on the 28th.  It was great seeing them again and we had a great time getting caught up and of course reminiscing about some of our activities from years gone by.  Randy had us all in stitches from some of his personal stories…don’t ask.  Ha!  I really enjoyed their company and appreciate the fact that they took the time to drive here (6 1/2 hours each way) to stay the night and visit.  Good times!! 

One Response to “September memories!”

  1. steffen5 Says:

    I love you dad and am so glad you have so many friends that are so loving and fun to be with!

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