What a week! Thanks to all that joined me!

WHAT AN ENTERTAINING WEEK! – Aug 29 – Sept 5, 2010 

 Since our trip to Duke and back we have had lots of activity. 

On August 29th, Diann celebrated her birthday ….I won’t tell you her age…you will have to ask her!

On August 31st, Dave Haeck (who was traveling from his home in Michigan to see his children in Raleigh, NC) stopped here on his return trip and we had a great visit.  It was nice to get caught up on his family, Cindy, Shannon and Matt.    

On September 1st, John Paulk came to visit with me.  I was surprised to learn that John and his wife Marion had moved to a nearby town, Maryville, TN.  We told stories and had several laughs talking about old times. 

On September 2nd, Allen Edwards stopped over.  We enjoyed catching up and while we were doing that, Diann went to a therapy treatment on her foot (planters facetious) and ran a couple errands. 

That evening Barry and Judy Miller came over and Barry helped me with our Fantasy Football draft.  We put the phone on speaker and made our picks with the rest of the group who were down at our clubhouse.  Diann and Judy helped us cross off the names that were being picked so we could keep up with who were still available.  There are 12 guys in our group this year, should be lots of fun!   

On September 4th we went over to Salli and Bob Wagner’s for the evening to watch the first Tennessee Volunteers game against TN Martin.  Judy & Barry Miller and Jeff & Becky Keeton were also there.  I really had a good time.  We had lots of great food and conversation.  The game got boring as TN won 50 to 0!


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