Friends are priceless….


Thanks to everyone for all the phone calls.  It’s been great hearing from you all.  It sure brings back a lot of memories when I talk to some of you that I haven’t heard from for a while.  Feel free to call on our home phone anytime if you want to say hi.  It’s too hard for me to answer my cell phone now.

Some of the calls I’ve received recently are: 

 Harry Alheid

Mark Bodwell

Greg Breningmeyer

John Carson

Tom Clark

Craig Hapner

Bob Hove

Bill Hubbard

Casey Hurst

Ottis Johnson

Barry & Judy Miller

Steve & Angie Mitchell

Carl Pitts

Rich Wellner

Gus Rodriguez

Mark Rostvold

Mark Sharitz

Dick Steffen

Bob Wagner

We’ve  had lots of company also and have so enjoyed everyone’s visits.  During them we have had great conversations and plenty of laughs.  Diann has her hand’s full working with me in the mornings, but I’m available in the afternoons and usually early evenings.   Some of the visitors have been:

Harry & Stephanie Alheid (TN)

John Carson (NC) 

Aaron, Dana, Hunter, Alyssa, & Jaden Clark (MI)

Don Duck (NC)

John Fausch (TN)

Bill Hubbard (TX)

Ottis Johnson (TX)

Jeff Keeton (TN)

Mike Luttson (NC)

Barry & Judy Miller (TN)

Gus Rodriguez (TX)

Mark & Evie Rostvold (WI)

Bob & Salli Wagner (TN)& Bob’s grandson Jordon (NV)

Sorry if I missed anyone! I feel so blessed to have so many people in my life!


2 Responses to “Friends are priceless….”

  1. Dick Yahnke Says:


    I’m glad to hear that the phone calls and visitors continue to come your way. As always there is a strong need to keep an eye on you to make sure you are staying out of trouble.

    I was pleased that you were able to call me back yesterday. Glad to hear there were some bits of good news from your Duke visit and we will all hope and pray your lung capacity and breathing ability plateaus and stabilizes. As always your spirit and good humor makes my day and I appreciate the opportunity to talk with you.

    Sounds like you could write a book about your adventures in the “Cheech & Chong” van. I keep thinking its unique characteristics including the mood lighting could make it a great marketing tool for used pets or other high level sales activities. You should really think about taking it on tour.

    Til next time,


    • steffen5 Says:


      Actually the “Cheech and Chong” van is the perfect venue to do some high end one eyed parrot sales. I have some good places for them to perch on. I really enjoyed talking to you on the phone. You have been a great friend before and during this tough time. I really enjoy your calls. We have a lot of years of laughs to come. Till next time…


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