Something that I read and liked….

If we choose to focus on the abundance we do have, we will begin to put forth the energy needed to attract better life circumstances. With an attitude of abundance and optimism, we quickly realize that nothing is impossible if we simply believe in our ability to create what we want. By releasing your worries and fostering an abundant mind-set today, you should feel more positive about your situation no matter what it is….

Wanted to share this with you dad as I thought you would enjoy it! Love you.


2 Responses to “Something that I read and liked….”

  1. Dick Yahnke Says:


    For a guy who never did too well selling Gideon Bibles or used pets, you sure know how to host one hell of a party. My cheeks still hurt from sharing good times and good laughs It was great to see you and your family and to be a part of this wonderful event. Hope you are resting up today and continuing to fight the good fight. Hugs to Diann. God bless,

    • steffen5 Says:


      It took me a week to recover from the weekend but it was one of my most memorable weekends of my life. It meant so much to me to have you there as well as all of my other good friends. It is amazing how the John Deere stories over the years seem to get bigger and bigger. I really appreciate you taking your time to come from Colorado to share this time with me. Dont worry buddy we have many more years to get all the used pets and Gideon Bibles sold….


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