Next visit to Duke ALS clinic coming up on Februrary 16th

On Monday Diann and I are heading back to Duke to visit Dr. Bedlack at the ALS clinic to get an update on my status and see if I can be a part of any new clinical trials that are starting. I ultimately would like to be a part of  the new stem cell research project. Lets pray that I can get in on this trial. This is really important to not only help slow down my progression but also to ultimately find a cure for ALS.

While I am in North Carolina some people are getting together on Tuesday night at Mazmez Restaruant in Durham. It will be great to reconnect with everyone that I have not seen in a long time. Thank you to John Carson for putting this together.


6 Responses to “Next visit to Duke ALS clinic coming up on Februrary 16th”

  1. Greg D Says:

    It was really great to see you and Diane last night. Sometimes in the hustle of our daily grind we forget the real things in life. Thanks for the reminder!

    God speed, my friend…

    • steffen5 Says:


      So great to see you as well. We really enjoyed the roasting of me at the party. Whenever you go west on your bike stop by and say hello. Thanks for being a friend always a pleasure to catch up with you.


  2. John Carson Says:


    You impressed your friends at dinner last Tuesday. You entered the room with you broad smile and shared a handshake or hug and a kind word with each of us. It was a great night that we all enjoyed. You haven’t changed a bit. We look forward to your next visit.


    • steffen5 Says:


      I sure appreciate you putting that dinner together for me. It was a great time. Always good to see you. Thanks for starting the roasting of me that led to many laughs throughout the night. Your kind words are appreciated. It was so nice to see so many people that I have not seen in a long time. I look forward to seeing you again soon!


  3. Cindy Haeck Says:

    Don & Diann,
    Hope that your trip to Duke in February was all you’d hope it would be. Sounds like you had a chance to reconnect with some folks from the Raleigh branch as well. Always fun! Know that we’re keeping you in our prayers and healing reflections. Our best to you always.
    Dave & Cindy Haeck

    • steffen5 Says:

      Cindy and Dave,

      I really appreciate all your thoughts and prayers. Prayers are really important. I am putting together the latest update and will post soon to the site so you can see everything that I did at Duke. Check back in with us soon.


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