The latest and greatest things that I have been doing to beat this!

August 14, 2009

 I had another treatment with Dr. Rymer, the upper cervical Grostic Chiropractor.

 August 17, 2009

 NAET treatment for:   Minerals

 August 19, 2009

 NAET treatment for:  Salt, Chlorides

 August 20, 2009

 This morning I had another treatment with Dr. Rymer, upper cervical Grostic Chiropractor.

 This afternoon I had my first appointment with a medical doctor, Dr. Phillip Michaels, who also believes in alternative medicine.  He understands the use of supplements in healing the body.  Brian is here vacationing with us and he will also go with us.  I gave Dr. Michaels a complete list of supplements that Diann had started me on.  He agreed with all of them and even added many more.  Brian and Dr. Michaels had a very in depth conversation about the science behind all the supplements and how they would potentially help my body fight off the free radicals that are attacking it. 

 August 23-Septmember 9, 2009

 Diann and I took a vacation to Illinois and Iowa to visit our relatives.  First we went to the lake house in Illinois and stayed with my brother Dick.  Dick’s children, Randy and Renae and their families also came to the lake house.  Angela, Brian & Krysti all flew in to meet us for a family vacation.  We celebrated Diann’s birthday while we were there.  After Brian & Krysti flew back to Florida we drove to Davenport, IA and had lunch with my sister Doris, her husband Howard, her son Bob, and her daughters Carole and Pat and their families.  Diann’s brother Tom and his wife Barb met us at that lunch and came back with us to the lake house for a few days.  We then drove to Tom and Barb’s house in Cedar Falls, Iowa for the rest of our vacation.  Their son, Scott was there and their daughter Denise and her husband Chris and their two daughters Jessica and Jordan came for a few days while we were there.  We had a great time at both places and really enjoyed seeing all the relatives.

 September 10, 2009

 Cindy Haeck, had read this website and had passed my name on to one of the students whom she had been an adviser to when she worked in the school system in Raleigh, NC.  This student was Miss North Carolina 2008.  Her name is Amanda Watson.  When I got back from our vacation, I had this e-mail in my in box.    Thank you Cindy for making this connection!!

 Subject: Hi from N.C.

  “Hi Don,

 My name is Amanda Watson and Cindy Haeck gave me your email address, as

 she used to be my high school advisor.

 She told me about your recent diagnosis with ALS. Let me begin by

 saying how deeply sorry I am that you have had to deal with such a

 traumatic struggle.  I lost my grandfather and great-grandfather to ALS

 many years ago, but have dedicated my life to serving patients and

 their families…it has truly been a joy to make such wonderful

 relationships with each person.

 I have worked heavily with the local chapter, the Jim “Catfish” Hunter

 chapter for about 6 years now. Have you been able to connect with a

 chapter in your area of Tennessee?

 What can I do to help?

 I have had the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. for the

 national conference for the past three years, and what amazing things

 are shared there!

 The new levels of patient care and research is truly encouraging.

 My year as Miss North Carolina last year was one of the most rewarding

 of my life. I traveled over 52,000 miles meeting patients and their

 families all over the country. I am always amazing and encouraged by

 their courage.

 You are in my prayers.

 Please feel free to email at any time of the day with questions,

 concerns, etc.

 I might not have the answers, but I can definitely point you in the

 right direction.

 God Bless,

  Amanda Watson

 Miss North Carolina 2008”

 September 16, 2009

 NAET treatment for:  Corn, Grain, Gluten

 September 17, 2009

 Dr. Phillip Michaels orders lab work.  I went to the hospital lab where they drew 11 vials of my blood.  The vials will be sent to various parts of the country for testing. 

 I have noticed a small amount of atrophy in my left hand between my thumb and finger.  However, it has not affected my hand in any way.  I definitely cannot lift much weight in my left arm, but I can move it completely.  I have started using a weight in my left hand to try to build the arm muscle up.

 Neural stem wins FDA approval for ALS stem cell trial see the ALS and the fight for cure tab to read more on this!

 September 29, 2009

 I met with Dr. Michaels to go over results of laboratory reports.  The report showed deficiencies in the following:  Vitamin B1, Folate, & Biotin. 

 I also had a urine lab analysis which I forgot to add in July.  It showed that I have elevated levels of potentially toxic metals that showed up as:  Lead & Mercury.

 I sent an e-mail to Amanda Watson, Miss North Carolina 2008 with some questions for her.  She immediately sent an e-mail back to me full of information.  One of the things she told me was about a Neurologist, Dr. Richard Bedlack, at Duke University in Durham, NC.  She said, “I know him personally.  He is truly wonderful.  Dr. Bedlack and some other neurologists have begun new treatments for patients.  I do not want to give you false insight into these treatments, since I am not a M.D., but I do know that I have seen great miracles being made!”  Amada give us a contact number to call to set up an appointment with Dr. Bedlack. 

 October 12, 2009

 I had and appointment with Dr. Michaels.  He added three more supplements to my daily regiment.  He wants me to come back in 3 weeks.  He is pleased that I am holding my own.  My energy is good.

 October 30, 2009

 I called and left a message to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bedlack at Duke University. 

 November 2, 2009

 I called and left a second message to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bedlack at Duke University. 

 November 4, 2009

 I had an appointment with Dr. Michaels.  He is still pleased that I am holding my own and the symptoms have not gotten worse.  He did give me a Vitamin B shot.

 Dr. Michaels has a new associate who I met.  Her name is Connie Galli and she is an Ondamed certified practitioner.  I have made an appointment with her on the 9th of November.  She has a close friend who also has ALS.  She has been treating her with the Ondamed machine and has gotten some good improvement on her.

 The Ondamed is an Electro-Magnetic Impulse Frequency Device that allows the Healthcare Provider to detect weakness/disorder in patient’s body instantly by pulse feedback method. The Ondamed gives the health care provider a “look into the patient’s body” and undetected or underlying problems for patient’s complaints and pains can be discovered, the Healthcare Provider follows his initial exam by choosing the proper frequency treatment. The gentle non-threatening treatments can be applied according to the Ondamed Therapy Instructions.

How does Ondamed work?

This hypothesis is based on a meeting with J. B. Sharma, professor of physics at Gainesville College of University System of Georgia, held on May, 28-30 ,02.

Ondamed therapy is rapidly promising the cure or substantial relief to several types of chronic disease. This approach to medicine is based upon the interaction of external EM impulses and the EM field of the human body. This model of disease is based on the assumption of a disruption of the EM field of the human body, which can be remedied by a judicious administration of external Electromagnetic (EM) impulses. The detection of specific frequencies related to diseased tissue/site/organ is done by observing the resonances invoked by the external EM impulse. The resonances are detected by instrumentation connected to the patient, which monitors pulse and frequencies (Nogier). This is the fundamental approach of Ondamed Therapy. 

 If you would like to read more on this hypothesis copy and paste this: .  You can also google the word:  ondamed.

 November 9, 2009

 I had my first of five “Intensive” Ondamed therapies today.    The practictioner said that the Ondamed Machine showed that I am low in protein.  Dr. Michael’s also gave me a B-Complex shot. The practioner is running an advanced treatment on me at frequency of 2Hz. The specific programs she is using this for are:  central nervous system, nerve repair, to build up CNS, and to help with the regeneration of tissue.

 November 11, 2009

 I have my second of five “Intensive” Ondamed therapies today.

 December 15, 2009  (Oh, by the way, my 64th Birthday.)

 I have an 8:30 A.M. appointment with Dr. Bedlack, a Neurologist at Duke University.  They told me to plan on being their for 5 to 8 hours.


4 Responses to “The latest and greatest things that I have been doing to beat this!”

  1. Chris Sizemore Says:

    Don – That is GREAT!!! Praying for the best – you deserve it!! We think of you and Di often. Happy Birthday early!!!

    Lots of Hugs, Chris & Chip

    • steffen5 Says:

      Hi Chris and Chip,

      Thank you for my Birthday wishes! Yes, I am looking forward to hearing what the Duke ALS clinic has to say. I am putting out the positive energy and thinking in advance. I appreciate your thoughts and wishes! Happy Holidays to you and your family. I hope you are enjoying your new home. All our best,

      Don and Di

  2. Dianna M Geiger (LaPole) Says:

    Hey, Don . . . You go guy!!! This would be (is) my approach to life . . . “See life as an adventure, a time to learn and gather knowledge (and build on your (our) legacy!) So happy you are winning the battle with ALS; and will be helping/serving others with similar battles. If anyone can climb this mountain it would be you, “. . . just one step at a time, SWEET JESUS”. Look forward to seeing you and Diann someday soon!!! Best wishes with your health and all your endeavors! Please tell Diann, HI!

    • steffen5 Says:


      Good to hear from you. Thanks for all of your positive energy. I love it! Yes I am looking forward to meeting the doctor at Duke and helping to find a cure for ALS. I am very determined to beat this and try to always see the sunny side of things. We would love to see you as well. Time flies and its been way to long. I told Diann you wrote and she sends a big hello and hug to you. Keep in touch with us and feel free to email or call anytime.

      Tell Jim hi for me! Best wishes this holiday season!


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